Uiryeong Insect Ecology Learning Center to save farming villages and f…


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The Uiryeong Insect Ecology Learning Center is becoming a reliable ally to save rural areas and farmers.

The Insect Ecology Learning Center operated by Uiryeong-gun is producing results in eco-friendly pest control by distributing pest control kits to farmhouses equipped with pest control kits, which are natural enemies of native diseases and pests, so that local farmers can produce clean crops.

The pest control kit was developed as an eco-friendly control technology for major pests by Osan Kinsect Co., Ltd., a consignment operator, jointly with Kangwon National University and Joongbu Biotech Co., Ltd., with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 'Development of industrialization technology for responding to crop viruses and pests' did.