Substances obtained by pyrolyzing biomass
(organic matters) in a condition with limited oxygen

It's role of binding the carbon that has been released into the air has been proven, and has started garnering attention as a dream material that can reduce greenhouse gases and ultimately realize carbon neutrality

Organic compounds of Biochar

The organic compounds of BioChar accelerate the plant growth working as a fertilizer through the reciprocal action with plant roots.

Key features of Biochar

  • Soil Enhancement

    It neutralizes the pH of the acidified soil.

  • Supply Oxygen

    Increases the microbial activity within the soil by increasing the air permeability.

  • Adsorption

    Selectively adsorbs & stores key nutritional components in its porous structure.

  • Contains Various Minerals

    It provides a variety of nutrients that are required for the growth of plants.

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases

    It reduces the emission of carbon dioxide from the soil.

Differences between existing biochar products and JungbuBiotech's BIOCHAR

JungbuBiotech's BIOCHAR has better nutritional content compared to the conventional lignocellulosic biochar.

  • Biochar products

    Biochar obtained by pyrolyzing wood pellets, wood pieces, etc.

  • JungbuBiotech's BIOCHAR

    Biochar obtained by pyrolyzing livestock manure compost

R&D through the cooperation of Industry-Academic-Research Sectors

JungbuBiotech is currently collaborating with the Korea Institute of Energy Technology, and is operating a pilot facility site of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology.