Facility Status

We introduce to you our professional production facility system,
where only the highest-quality products are produced and shipped.

Manufacturing Facility : Furnished with complete automation system from incoming of raw materials to packing of products.
Expert system facility producing and shipping only the premium quality fertilizer products by executing quality inspections at each stage of manufacturing.


    Machinery Furnished with optimized system facility promoting the microorganism decomposition & complete fermenting of livestock manures.

    Microorganism Established a system capable of directly cultivating the bacillus strains highly effective in fermenting compost


    Automated Packing Packing process composed of automatic crushing, magnetic sorting system, measuring, bending, loading, wrapping, top sheeting, moving with forklift upon completing raw material incoming stage.

    Production Output Capable of packing over 6,400 bags per day with performance of packing 18 tons of 900 bags per hour.


    Fermentation Injection of fresh air is a crucial process in fermenting. Fresh air injected around-the-clock by installing the air injection inlet at outside of plant.

    Temperature Change Accurate control of air injection volume and time is the most important elements in fermentation.