Fermented Organic Fertilizer

Grade 1 Livestock Manure Compost, GreenNarae

Product effect

Soil Improvement High soil improvement effect with product containing quality organic materials, aged & composted for a long peri d of time.
Soil Fertility Improvement Soil fertility improved preventing the oxidation of soil and increasing the physical properties of soil.
Promotion of Rooting Health of leaves and trunks improved preventing damages by blight and harmful insects thanks to the smooth rooting.
Crop Taste, Color & Saccharinity Unique taste & aroma secured improving the saccharinity with long shelf life, and increasing the premium quality farm production.
Prevention of Growth Trouble Growth trouble prevented decomposing the harmful materials contained in organic materials in advance through composting process.


Apply fertilizers appropriately adjusting the fertilizer input amount according to the farm product cultivating condition, soil quality, size of young plants & etc.

In general, use about 40 - 60 bags for 660 square meter area adjusting the amount of fertilizer input depending on the soil conditions and type of crops.

Item Target Crop Cultivation Area Fertilizer Input Amount Fertilizing Method
Gardening & Vegetable Growing (Greenhouse Cultivation) Oriental melon, Water melon, Strawberry, Melon, Tomato 660 m² 800~1,200kg
(40 - 60 bags)
Planting or seeding lapsing 7 ~ 14 days after fertilizing of product is recommended.
Pay attention to allow smooth ventilation for use with greenhouse cultivation.
Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sesame leaf, , Cabbage, Leak, Leek, Radish, Burdock, Potato, Garlic, Onion, Carrot, Hemp 660 m² 1,000~1,200kg
(50 - 60 bags)
Upland Farming Crops Garlic, Potato, pepper, Onion 660 m² 800~1,200kg
(40 - 60 bags)
Seeding lapsing 7 - 14 days after fertilizing of compost is recommended.
Fruit Growing Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Persimmon, Max-imowiczia chinensis fruit, Rubus coreanus, Apricot, Japanes apricot, Grapefruit, Walnut Over 3 years of growth
Below 3 years of growth
Fertilize phosphoric acid, kalium & etc. as mixed with each 20 kg of product for better effect.
Use 0.5 ~ 3 bags for each crop depending on yield to obtain

Avoid direct sunlight and moisture for storage.

Planting or seeding lapsing 7 ~ 14 days after fertilizing by supplying appropriate amount of water is recommended for healthy rooting of plants.

Do not use the product as mixed with other suppliers' fertilizers.

Plant or seed after lapsing sufficient time period after fertilizing against the risk of gas hazard due to the high heat & moisture generated when covering the vinyl house or seedbed in early days.

Pay attention not to directly contact with leaves or roots of young plants.