About Us


Enterprise Practicing the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with Challenging Spirit and Ceaseless Effort

The JungbuBiotech is an enterprise armed with the top level capability in the organic resource recovery (composting) industry getting ready to meet the second stage of growth leap based on the customer confidence and best quality products.
The employees and management of JungbuBiotech have been endeavoring with best effort in order to have both the Mother Nature and people enjoy the abundance and happiness through the development of much more environment friendly fertilizers.

Going through the rapid changing to highly complicated industry and information society, and facing the difficult subject of massive production, massive consumption & massive scrapping common to all mankind, all of us need to exert the diverse effort in order to provide the sustainable natural utility to the next generation.

We have been continuing the effort of resolving the present issue of reinforcing the competitiveness of sustainable agriculture business through the recovery of waste resources and developing its positive recycling process, and doing the best to prepare for the future that the agricultural business competitiveness is to be exactly the national competitive power of a country, which will become reality sooner or later.

The JungbuBiotech leads to have the farmers produce the environment friendly agricultural products by producing and distributing the premium quality organic fertilizers through the and state-of-art technologies at the most advanced facility using the manures of livestock, poultry and cows. We strive to take the leadership in protecting our own food, and further, promoting the agricultural business competitiveness of Korea.

The JungbuBiotech is an enterprise extensively contributing to conserving the natural soil environment, enhancing the soil fertility, and producing much more of safe farm products through the production of environment friendly farming materials & products in order to cultivate the natural environment to be inherited to our descendants.

The employees and management are well aware of the fact that endeavoring and researching the environment friendly fertilizer production are exactly the most crucial and valuable jobs of giving life to whole living creatures on earth, and therefore, is determined to strive the best effort in developing much more of bio-products as an top class environment friendly fertilizer manufacturing enterprise, so that the both of Mother Nature and people can enjoy the abundance and happiness "Business Mutually Prospering with Nature, Leading the Clean Future Environment!"

The JungbuBiotech will move forward to hold the utmost capability in the organic resources recovery (composting) business industry, and get ready for the next step of growth taking advantage of customer confidence accumulated to date, and the top quality products developed.

All of the executive and employees of JungbuBiotech, Co., Ltd